Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pleasant Prairie 2012 Race Photos

Thank you to one of my sisters and a dear friend on Facebook, I have the link to the race photos from Pleasant Prairie on Sunday, June 24. I noticed that there seem to only be nine pictures which I am able to check out on the page, but others seem to have successfully found action shots from during the race. Those pictures apparently are a fine example of me in stride during the duathlon. Most of the ones I find are apparently from my guide and I nearing the finish or just after completing the race, but plenty of others have insisted they can spot other photos from various moments within the race. Either way, I am posting a link for those of you who may have an interest in seeing me during a race. This is especially good if you read my posts here or follow me on Twitter, but have never seen what I look like. Of course, there are plenty of pictures of me on Facebook. Now that I think of it, you might see these pictures and think to yourself, he is not all that sexy. Hopefully, you will see these pictures and think, boy, he is pretty sexy, but I can not begin to guess what your opinion will be. I can only hope. Please feel free to leave a comment on whether I do indeed have a wonderful physique or if you believe I have a way to go in achieving it. Thank you. Enjoy the pictures!

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