Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Need Training Run Guides: Fast, Slow Experienced, Novice

When I toe the start line for GLASA Twilight 5K on Saturday, September 12, it will be the first of four races I plan to run in five weeks culminating with my sixth consecutive Chicago Marathon on October 11. Over the years, I have done about ninety-eight percent of my runs on a treadmill. Every so often, a friend volunteers to guide me for an outdoor run, but due to schedules, that does not happen as often as I would like so I gut out runs, even long ones, on the treadmill. Friends have thankfully stepped up this year offering to guide me for easy runs and track workouts. Special thanks to Mike Casey, Ryan Nord, and Wendy Jaehn. Recently, I have been having problems with my treadmill which frequently turns itself off while I am in the mist of a run. Some times, it happens thirty seconds into my session. Other times, it happens ten minutes in. It has become unreliable. Unfortunately, I probably will not be able to get it fixed until my 2015 season is complete.

I turn to you my blog reader, Twitter follower, and Facebook friend asking for volunteers to guide me for training runs. I need runners of all abilities.

• Speedy rabbits for track sessions or faster runs
• endurance experts for my long/easy runs where goal is simply time on my feet/miles under my belt

I need guides of all levels.

• If you have guided me before and are interested again
• If you have always wanted to try guiding, but were scared to volunteer

I am going to have to put in many miles on an almost daily basis so the more volunteers, the better. You may try it once and not like guiding. You may love it, but your schedule does not permit anything beyond a couple runs. I might get four volunteers able to get together once a week. I might get two runners who can run a couple times a week. Whatever your availability, interest, pace, and experience, please reach out immediately because I can not afford to miss my sessions.

Please feel free to reach out to other runners you know who might have the time or interest. Thank you very much!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vote Wendy/Israel For Chicago Athlete Magazine Cover

Last Thursday, lovely, Jen Pfaff tagged me in a Facebook post requesting people vote for Wendy and Israel. Unbeknownst to me, Chicago Athlete Magazine was running a contest on their Facebook page asking people to “like” the one picture from the three under consideration to end up on the Chicago Athlete magazine October issue cover. One of the options was Ali Engin’s photo of Wendy Jaehn guiding me at last year’s Chicago Marathon.

For anyone interested in viewing and voting, please follow the URL below and scroll down to a post from last Thursday. Press “like” on the photo of your choice. Voting ends today.