Saturday, March 28, 2015

Starting 2015 By Shuffling

It was a wild up and down season in 2014 which began with my running the Boston Marathon along side the beautiful and talented, Jen Pfaff. 2014 concluded with my running my fifth consecutive Chicago Marathon. This time along side two beautiful fast women, Wendy Jaehn and Erica Alansari.

On Sunday, March 29, I will toe the start for my first race of 2015. It will be my first since October’s 26.2. Once again, it will be a Bank Of America event. The Shamrock Shuffle 8K. Special thanks to the beautiful and fabulous, Caroline Gaynor for introducing me to a wonderful elite marathoner and Ironman triathlete, Ryan Nord, who will be my eyes for the 8K. Ryan and I managed to get a couple training runs in together. I feel confident trusting him with my life. I believe he is confident for the challenge of guiding.

I spent most of last season training and racing through injuries. I am excited to be toeing the start line tomorrow in good health. Thank you to my friend, the amazing, lovely, wonderful, Jenna Parker for once again preparing me for my race. I am happy to enter another season with her as my coach. She is simply, the best! After all, she took a back of the pack finisher and turned me into a multiple Boston Marathon qualifier, a USA National Champion in Paratriathlon, and a member of Team USA World squad.

Thank you to the great folks at Pinnacle Performance Company for agreeing to once again sponsor me for the 2015 marathon and triathlon season. I am so grateful to Gary Mills who provided the steady hand when I wrote my first four plays as a student in his Playwright For The Actor class and who, as cofounder/co-CEO believed so much in me that he offered me the opportunity to offer Pinnacle sponsorship.

There is a long and fun season awaiting me. I am looking forward to getting started along side Ryan Nord. I do not know how fast I can run or how the weather will be, but I know when I run that course, I will be happy to be doing what I love. Running.

Pinnacle Performance believes in me, Jenna Parker has prepared me, Reliv International fuels my nutrition, and now it is time to take my spot along side a fabulous person to guide me. Good luck to my friends racing in the event. I am looking forward to see if the magnificent, Tera Moody will once again shine while running faster than everyone else. Good luck to the inspiring, Michelle Mirzoian, into whom I ran today. I hope you, my reader, will join me on this season’s journey to where it may lead me. Together, we can make memories to last a lifetime.