Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome To Sexy Isra Experience

Thank you for your interest in the Sexy Isra Experience.   

After I cast a dear friend to star in the world premiere production of one of my

theatre pieces, she wrote, “Madelon Guinazzo is proud to join Team Antonio.” That

is a perfect description for what is the Sexy Isra Experience.  As a playwright and screenwriter, I create characters,

stories, and worlds as dead words on a page. I then collaborate with other talented

artists to bring those creations to life. Audience members are also part of the Sexy Isra Experience for they receive my offers of creativity and respond to it. As an athlete, I compete in 5K races, 10K events, half marathons, full marathons, and triathlons.  My name is the one which ends up in the records, but there is a small army of coaches, trainers, current and former athletes, facilitators, and sighted guides who get me to the starting line and across the finish.  Team Antonio

is a family. We will agree and disagree. So long as we challenge each other to bring

out the best in one another then the lines of communication will always remain open

for expression.  It is important to me that each person who becomes a part of Team Antonio receive her or his recognition.  I will use this site to promote Team Antonio members’ theatre groups, production companies, casting calls, performances, screenings, athletic accomplishments, and other details.  Sexy Isra Experience discusses my journey to “The Big Time!”  When I am prepared to meet my destiny and go to the big time, I promise to take every member of Team Antonio with me.  I also know that the only way I will make it to the big time is as a result of Team Antonio members giving me their love, support, talents, and trust.

So browse around and check out the links to the sites of other artists, theatre groups,

production companies, and businesses who are friends of Team Antonio. Please feel

free to check in frequently and drop me a line with feedback, comments, and questions

especially those interested in joining Team Antonio.  Please tell your

family and friends about the site. Tell your enemies as well. They are potential

Team Antonio members too!

Israel Antonio

Playwright, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Actor, Motivational Presenter, Triathlete

Sexy Isra Experience