Friday, May 6, 2016

RAW Artists Presents Wanda Cobar Ziggy Stardust Collection

On Wednesday, May 18, the Metro Chicago will host an artist showcase presented by RAW Artists. One of those artists is the beautiful and talented, Wanda Cobar. I had the privilege to speak to lovely, Wanda about this upcoming event.

Q: What is RAW Artists?
A collective started by fashion designer, Heidi Luerra to showcase independent designers, filmmakers, performance artists, visual artists, musicians, and others.

Q: Who is Wanda Cobar?
Designer of fashion, wearable art, and costumes for fashion forward women, dancers, and anyone wanting to make a unique fashion statement.

Q: How did Wanda get connected with RAW Artists?
Serena, director of RAW Artists Chicago, discovered Wanda’s work on Instagram and invited Wanda to join the collective. Wanda was then selected as one of the artists whose work would be a part of the May showcase.

Q: What Wanda Cobar Design Studio work will be on display at Metro Chicago?
Wanda’s David bowie inspired Ziggy Stardust collection. Nine female models and three male models will wear designs from the Cobar line.

Q: Where can people check out Wanda Cobar Design Studio work?
Wanda’s Instagram
Wanda’s website

Q: Where can people buy tickets for RAW Artists Chicago?

Tickets are $20. To ensure Wanda receives credit from the collective for tickets sold, please purchase your tickets from Wanda’s assigned URL