Thursday, September 29, 2016

Daily Herald On Bleacher Bums

Since Labor Day weekend I have spent stretches where every waking hour was focussed on the play, Bleacher Bums. As one of those starring in the Open Space Theatre production at the Pride Arts Center in Chicago, I have been working to memorize my lines and tap into that which will help bring my character to life.

We have been receiving plenty of press. We opened last weekend. There has been a surge in ticket sales for all performances throughout October. Here is a piece by Burt Constable for the Daily Herald. Please read.

Burt Constable Daily Herald

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Was Just Cast In Production of Bleacher Bums!

On Saturday evening, my long time dear friend, Rani, contacted me to say her friend, Nich, was looking for me. Nich Radcliffe is an accomplished talented director who is casting his next project. After Rani contacted me, I read Nich’s note and called him immediately.

Nich is casting the role of Greg in the play, Bleacher Bums. It first premiered in the 1970s and was updated in the 1990s. It has had many productions in Chicago and around the country over the last forty years. Just in time for the Cubs 2016 playoffs and World Series push, Bleacher Bums gets another production from September to November.

I auditioned this afternoon. Apparently, I “wowed” Nich and the producers for they offered me the role of Greg on the spot. I accepted! Cast read-through is tonight. Rehearsals begin Tomorrow morning. If it means eight hours in rehearsals on Labor Day in order to learn my lines and get to start building a relationship with my cast mates, then yes, sign me up for that.

Here is a quick blurb from Morgan Green of the Chicago Tribune. I can not wait to get started. I hope you will come to this.

Bleacher Bums Production

Friday, August 26, 2016

Super Sprint Fun With Tun

Two years ago, Ironman triathlete, Dan Tun, guided me for the Mideast Regional Championships in Fort Wayne. He helped me stay calm in the water long enough to finish with my second fastest swim. The only swim time which was faster was my time at USA Nationals when I came out of the water in first place on route to pulling away on the bike and run for my first National title. In Fort Wayne, Dan guided me to a first place finish in my division and the second of back-to-back regional titles.

The 2014 Mideast Regional title was my last triathlon. I did not consider a return to triathlon elite racing until this year. I took part in the Dare2Tri weekend camp in June. Participating in the Dare2Tri Tri It Triathlon along side Lindsey Cook was a blast. The desire to return to elite level triathlon racing grew stronger. After some discussions with Dan Tun, I registered for Chicago Triathlon super sprint. I have raced olympic distance in New York. I have raced at Nationals and Worlds for the sprint distance. I have never done a super sprint. 375 meters swim, 6.2 miles bike, and 1.5 mile run. I especially like the bike and run. I get to go all out for short bursts. Even with qualifying for Boston Marathon six times, I am a sprinter at heart. Friends have noticed that my face lights up and I come alive when I am sprinting.

On August 27, I will race in the Chicago Triathlon Super Sprint along side Dan Tun. Doing this short race may motivate me heading into the fall and winter for return trips to Regionals, Nationals, and Worlds in 2017.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

This One Woman: Gabby Douglas

Each month, Cynthia Shur Petts and Kyna Lenhof present a variety showcase, This One Woman. Performers are selected to give an artistic performance of their choosing inspired by a specific woman. For August, This One Woman will showcase USA Olympian, Gabby Douglas. Each artist will deliver a piece in five to eight minutes.

I am one of the seven who will present. My piece will be a little storytelling a little standup comedy and I hope, plenty of entertainment.

Gabby Douglas
Monday, August 22,
Hopleaf Bar
5148 N. Clark Street

This One Woman Facebook

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jenna Parker Stars In Syfy Ice Sharks

I have been lucky to know the beautiful and talented model, actress, triathlete, Jenna Parker for many years. When I needed to improve my marathon and triathlon training, I reached out to her to coach me. She turned me into a paratriathlon elite and USA national champion. Jenna helped me run even faster to start qualifying for Boston Marathon each time I run 26.2 miles.

Tonight, Jenna Parker will star in a feature film to air on Syfy called Ice Sharks. 9p.m. eastern/8p.m. central. She will be live tweeting during the airing. You can follow her on Twitter at:

You can also read this piece on the fabulous Jenna Parker which posted a week ago.

Jenna Parker

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Universal Sole Burgers And Beer 5K 2016

It was a beautiful evening for a race as I walked the grounds outside of Soldier Field in Chicago. It was my first time running Universal Sole Burgers And Beer 5K. Lovely, Lindsey Cook volunteered to guide me. Before the race, I spent time by the Universal sole registration tent and the Saucony one. I spent an hour with the Blade runners. I had fun chatting with pals; Eric robb, Levi Kane, and others. I especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful, Melissa Stockwell.

Lindsey and I walked to the start line. She and I get together for weekly evening runs. This would be a fun run under race conditions. Race began. We jogged across the start. We coasted through the opening mile. We worked our way through the second one. Mile two was slower than mile one. With one mile to go, my concern was crossing the finish with Lindsey feeling okay. I did not want her to feel physically spent as a result of guiding me. I did not want the rest of her training week to suffer. She picked up the pace. Half a mile out, she turned it on more. I was not expecting her to push the pace as much as 1:17 per mile faster. We cruised across the finish line at a strong pace as the public address announcer called my name and congratulated me.

Thanks to Lindsey for gutting out a strong run to guide me. Thank you Pinnacle Performance Company for sponsoring me. Thank you Jenna Parker for being my friend and coach. Thank you to Universal sole for another fabulous well organized event. Thank you Shake Shack for the spectacular post race burger. The only thing better was speaking to the wonderful, Kate Bongiovanni after the race.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

4 Mile Classic

After running the Universal Sole 10K in 2015 and having so much fun with wonderful and beautiful, Wendy, I registered for Universal Sole 4 Mile Classic. Lovely, Lindsey would guide me. Days prior to the race, Lindsey said she was ill and insisted I find a replacement. I asked my gal pals. No one was available. This was not a targeted event so I would not be disappointed not setting a personal best.

Race evening was sunny and pleasant. First time Lindsey and I would run together since she and Liz guided me for the Chicago Marathon in October 2013. She was still sick, so the game plan was to have fun. We arrived an hour prior to gun time. We met the good folks at the non profit, Chicago Run, who would receive proceeds from the evening’s race. We enjoyed some free samples, spoke to some nice Live Grit representatives, and met lovely, Heather.

Wearing my Pinnacle Performance racing gear, I jogged across the start line. After a few meters of discomfort, I remembered how fun it is to run next to Lindsey and how much I miss doing so. The opening mile was slow. Just over 11:00. I thought of how much better the weather was compared to when Wendy and I ran the 10K when it was windy and cold. Lindsey and I took turns asking each other, “How are you feeling?” On one hand, I wanted to run fast. On the other hand, this event was about enjoying the moment not about setting a personal best. We costed to mile two. We had picked up the pace slightly. Mile three was consistent. Mile four was tougher. It sounded as though Lindsey was struggling to breathe. she insisted she was fine, but her lungs sounds like they were on fire. Pushing it was not worth it. We took it slow. We ran up Cricket Hill. I remembered how when I ran with Wendy, I almost fell over on Cricket Hill, but this time, it was not as challenging nor as steep. Public address announcer informed the crowd that Israel Antonio was nearing the finish looking strong. We cruised across the finish.

Four miles along side a beautiful woman on a lovely evening. Thank you to Lindsey Cook for guiding me. Thank you Jenna Parker for being my friend and coach. Thank you Pinnacle Performance Company for being my sponsor. Thank you Universal Sole for a great event. Thank you to all the volunteers for a splendid experience.