Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Chicago Lighthouses

This spring, I was asked if I would like to be a part of a lighthouse. If yes, my image would be placed on the side of a lighthouse which would be placed along the famed Magnificent Mile in Chicago. I said, yes!

From June 19 until August 11, I appear alongside several actors on a lighthouse at 600 N. Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Afterwards, those lighthouses will be auctioned off for a nonprofit. Please stop by 600 N. Michigan Ave to take a picture with my image. Or, simply stop by to speak sweet lovely words to it.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Serving The Sentence At Fillet Of Solo

Don't cha wish your boyfriend was fun like me? Don't cha? Whenever I am selected to write and perform a story at an event, I always attempt to have fun. I want the audience to see how much fun I'm having up on stage. I want each audience member to laugh. In 2017, I had the privilege to perform at Lifeline Theatre's Fillet Of Solo Festival. It is one of the premiere festivals for solo artists in Chicago and the nation. I will have an opportunity to perform at this year's Fillet Of Solo Festival. As I did last year, I will join a talented group of performers organized by the wonderful, Kendra Stevens. I always love sharing the stage with Kendra. She is such a talented writer, storyteller, and rapper.

If you are interested in seeing the show, Serving The Sentence at Fillet Of Solo, please log on to the event's Facebook page to buy any remaining tickets. The shows do sell out. Last year's did.

Serving The Sentence at Fillet Of Solo
Sunday, January 28, 2018
Heartland Studio
7016 N. Glenwood Ave.

Serving The Sentence At Fillet Of Solo

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Victory Gardens, Ragnar Relay, Another Marathon

How do I top starring in Bleacher Bums and running a 7th straight Boston Marathon qualifying time? These are the ways I tried in 2017.

Because of being in Bleacher Bums at pride Arts Center, I was invited to join the Artist Development Workshop at Victory Gardens. I met Calamity West, Laura Baker, and Mike Ervin. Calamity is a superstar playwright who joined Tanya Saracho and Annie Baker as three of my favorite playwrights. Laura is an amazing director. Mike is a talented writer, activist, and networker. I spent 2017 rewriting my previously produced autobiographical play.

Because of Bleacher Bums, I was offered a spot in Tellin’ Tales’ Divercity 2017 show. I wrote and performed a solo piece featuring love, lust, risk. My performances opened with What You’re Told by Liz & The Lovelies. Thank you Liz Chidester for permission to use the song. Performances took place at Prop THTR on the very stage where I performed in the world premiere production of my autobiographical play years ago. Scenes from my autobiographical play were performed at Victory Gardens for Sketchtopia. Laura Baker directed. I was in awe at how Laura knew my intension with each line, character, and storyline.

Kendra Stevens invited me to perform at Serving The Sentence at Fillet Of Solo. Next, I joined the Is This A Thing Chicago lineup for Freedom Of The Press where I shared stories of being censored for editorials I wrote in grade school and high school as well as similar stories from my days as a radio reporter and host who dared to ask questions and follow-ups till I received satisfactory answers. This One Woman invited me to write and perform a piece inspired by Martha Stewart.

Pinnacle Performance Company sponsored my racing season once again. I raced my first ever Ragnar Relay. 190 miles from Madison to Chicago on team Bad Ass Mother Runners captained by Kyna. Mark McHugh guided me for three legs over thirty hours. Thank you Meg Sullivan for connecting me with Mark less than two weeks prior to Ragnar.

Lindsey Kane graciously guided me for the Universal Sole Burgers and Beers 5K. As always with Lindsey, it was a blast.

After years of wanting to meet and run with the beautiful elite Jill Czarnik, I finally did when she guided me for the Big 10 10K. Thank you to the kind folks at RAM Racing for making it possible. It was hot and I was fresh off an injury. I was ready to walk midway through the race, but Jill did not let me. She made me run faster. After a quarter mile that desire to walk disappeared. I pushed. The faster I ran the more Jill pushed me. To run with Jill and more important, to be friends with her, is a case where dreams do come true. When they do, reality is even better than the dream ever was.

What I learned from Jill I applied in my next 10K next to Eric Robb at RAM Racing’s Mag Mile 10K. I started slow then began to build. At the midway point, I flipped my hat backwards and went to work racing home with a negative split.

Buck town 5K. Kristine raced me home to a solid performance there as we took it slow for the first half then pushed it especially in the final half mile.

A week before my eighth straight Chicago Marathon, I pulled my hamstring. I knew I would not run fast, but I wanted to finish strong to my eighth consecutive BQ. Ironman triathlete, Todd Smith took me the first 13.1. Elite marathoner, Erica Alansari took me the second half. I found a pace and sat on it. Seven miles in, I learned I was running consistent splits. Jenna Parker had always wanted me to get to the point where I could just feel my pace and not rely on a GPS. Todd, “You’re a machine, baby!” Through thirteen miles, I was running even splits. Once Erica took over, the pace continued. I rolled through the first twenty-two miles running each mile within seconds of each other. I was a machine! In fact, no one ever told me my splits. I just smile as my guides marveled at my consistent pace.

Todd Smith organizes yearly Beer Miles. I jumped at the chance to run alongside a beautiful talented athlete who is an American Ninja Warrior National Semifinalist. Runners chug beers prior to each quarter mile. Word is I set a world record for fastest beer mile by a blind person.

Thank you Pinnacle Performance Company for sponsoring my races in 2017. Thank you for sponsoring me in 2018. Thank you Jenna Parker for being my coach, friend, inspiration. Thank you Jill, Mark, Lindsey, Eric, Kristine, Todd, Erica, and Tom for guiding me in races. Thank you Calamity, Laura, Mike, Tekki, Kendra, Jake, Kyna for my theater and storytelling experiences.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Matt Miller 70.3

I tried bulking up for several years. I wanted to be huge. Then two women friends told me that muscular build was disgusting. What turned them on what caught their eye was a lean physique like that of Bruce Lee. Several more female friends agreed. After some planning, I set out to undo the work of the previous few years by slimming down. Over the next several years, I lost fifty pounds and became lean. I looked into doing triathlons. Maybe participating in those events would help me maintain that lean Bruce Lee look.

I read about triathlete, model, filmmaker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, Matt Miller. I introduced myself to Matt who invited me to run my first half marathon in Fort Lauderdale. I flew down to meet Matt and others. A few hours after I met Matt, he told me that he believed I had the talent and personality to be more than just a person participating in races. Matt felt I could be elite. I could inspire people and change the world!

Matt witnessed me jump into the Hudson River at the start of my first ever triathlon. Years later, as ABC staffer and Ironman triathlete, Justin Sternberg guided me to a first place finish helping me qualify for the Paratriathlon USA National Championships, which I would win, Matt ran alongside recording the moment and choking up at how far I had come from that initial e-mail. Because of Matt, I have met so many amazing individuals who inspire me and who remain my dear friends. Matt took time to discuss his journey and mentioned many of those very people. I hope you will take the time to read his entry at the link below.

Matt Miller Base Performance

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Corinthians: Katherine Bellantone As Barbara

Last September, I had the great privilege of meeting the beautiful and talented, Katherine Bellantone. She truly is phenomenal in every way!

Here is a recording Katherine did in the summer of 2016. I love it. You will too.

Katherine Bellantone Sings

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Divercity 2017

Some times, you can go home again. My very first produced play had it's world premiere production at the Prop THTR. I was lucky enough to star in it. Last year, the Artistic Director at Tellin' Tales Theatre attended a performance of Bleacher Bums at Pride Arts Center. She loved my performance and insisted I needed to be a part of a show at Tellin' Tales. She finally had her wish when I joined Divercity 2017.

As it turns out, the performances for this show occur at Prop THTR. I get to perform on the very stage my first play was produced.

Sunday, June 18 is the final performance. Please come see the show.

Tellin' Tales Theatre
Divercity 2017
3502 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, Il 60618

For more information and tickets:
Tellin' Tales Divercity

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kate Bergeron On ABC Speechless

Kate Bergeron is an actress, singer, director, teacher, and dreamer with big balls…big metaphorical balls! The Portland, Mi native spent several years in Chicago working on her artistic talents before heading west to Los Angeles where she has been making a life while making her dreams a reality. I am privileged to know Kate. I have learned so much from her throughout the last decade. She inspires me frequently. She is one of the “good ones” for whom it is easy to cheer. Tonight, I will cheer as I watch the talented, wonderful, beautiful, Kate in the role of an inept English teacher on network television. Will you please join me in watching Speechless on ABC? Make sure to follow Kate on social media and sign up for her e-mail list. Kate is a superstar.

Kate Bergeron
8:30p/7:30p C

Kate Bergeron

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