Monday, February 22, 2016

4 Reasons To Run Universal Sole Four Mile Classic

In 2015, I ran in the Universal Sole Twilight 10K. It was a fun experience thanks to race volunteers, store employees, and owner, Joel Feinberg. If the opportunity to run in another Universal Sole event presented itself, I would do it!

On May 19, 2016, Universal Sole presents the Four Mile Classic. Here are four reasons to register.

You run along the Chicago lakefront on a beautiful spring evening.

Proceeds from the event go to Chicago Run, a non profit founded in 2007 to combat childhood obesity through education, nutrition, and exercise.

Something for everyone. You can race it. You can walk it. You can enjoy a post race festival with and amongst your fellow runners.

If you and I have only interacted via social media, this is a great event at which to meet. I registered! I will be wearing my Pinnacle Performance Company “Sexy Isra” orange racing gear.

For more information and to register, please visit:

Universal Sole

Friday, February 19, 2016

Racing Season Begins: Shamrock Shuffle 8K

I do not like running in cold weather. Friends mock me for shivering even in spring-like conditions. For several years friends encouraged me to run the Bank Of America Shamrock Shuffle. The race, in its thirty-seventh year, takes place either in late March or early April. In Chicago, this is viewed as the official start to the running and racing season. Concerned with potential cold temperatures or snow, I always declined to run in this event.

In 2015, I opted to run the Bank Of America Shamrock Shuffle. It was so much fun! I especially loved that Keri Serota, Dare2Tri Executive Director, is in charge of the Athletes With Disabilities Program for the race. Similar to the Chicago marathon, I took advantage of starting just behind the wheelchair participants and just ahead of the elite men and women. Having all the screams and cheers to myself during that opening mile was so much fun.

I registered to race in the Bank Of America Shamrock Shuffle on April 3, 2016. I know the amazing, Jenna Parker will have me ready to run hard and fast. I will proudly wear my “Sexy Isra” Pinnacle Performance Company racing gear. All which remains is to find a guide to take me the 8K distance.