Monday, November 23, 2009

Woman Behind From Paranormal To Pretty Normal

My friend, Angela, kept insisting I read Anatomy Of The Spirit by Carolyn Myss. I resisted for seven months before finally agreeing to do so. Now what? "Go see Therese Rowley." Therese is an educator, speaker, CEO consultant, energy alignment healer. After some research which included sending a couple emails to Dr. Rowley, I prepared to meet her in person. I wanted to believe this would be a life changing experience. I was open to what would come of this yet I was guarded still not sure who or what Therese is or does. As I sat there listening to information about my past lives, I wondered should I believe any of this? Then, Dr. Rowley began making statements which hit closer to home. Past lives became this life and certain patterns became clear. By the end of this initial meeting, I had a long list of what was, is, and would be. Therese told me the phrase "in the dark" would have special significance in my life. She instructed me to pay attention to my surroundings in the days to come because a higher power would be sending me signs. In the months leading up to my meeting with Therese, I had written and submitted my autobiographical theatre piece to Prop THTR who selected it as a New Play Fest winner. It was workshopped and received a couple successful staged readings at the Cultural Center in Chicago. This is called, "In The Dark." Two days after meeting with Dr. Rowley, I was listening to the radio and happened upon a Catholic priest delivering a homily. I always immediately turn the dial, but on this day, I listened. The priest had just concluded his previous line, took a long pause, and the very next words out of his mouth were, "And there is a reason why Israel is in the dark which only God knows, but he will soon show Israel." I turned off the radio and within minutes my phone was ringing. A representative from Prop THTR was calling to express the company's interest to move forward with a production of "In The Dark." As I walked into Therese's office, I was dealing with doubt. I had been driven by a desire to be a sports talk radio host and reporter. I began living out that dream in college when I was hosting, reporting, and interviewing athletes, coaches, media members, professors, and all others. Yet, I gave up on that goal to become a playwright, screenwriter, and actor. Did I do the right thing? Am I fooling myself? I wanted to ask Therese for her opinion, but before I could ask, she stated, "You are exactly where you need to be in your life. You are destined to change the world. Even if you never leave this city, people in Germany, China, and across the globe will hear your stories and will be touched. You will heal people through your stories and accomplishments." My magnificent seven- Angela, Tiffany, Iva-Marie, Sunshine, Rani, Madelon, Laura. These are the ones who have changed and redefined my life. The countless other friends who along the way make me the person I am. These are my stories. Over time, Therese Rowley has taught me so much and has given me hope. For anyone wishing to learn more about her, you can log on to:
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Amanda The Aspiring TV Writer

Let us suppose that "You get a degree in TV,write a bunch of scripts, and move to LA. Then what?" You put yourself in the best position to network and learn about your chosen industry. A wonderful resource is to read Amanda's blog. She is a funny, intelligent, informative, talented, wonderful writer from whom I have learned plenty in the year or so I've been a loyal reader to her posts. She has consistently maintained this blog for a few years. While I started reading it a year and a half after she began to write it, I have since made sure to read every entry from her initial one. Honestly, I do not know her personally, but I do hope to some day meet her and possibly work with her. At the very least, I have enjoyed reading her work. The work of a young woman who I believe will be something very special for all writers and artist to respect and admire.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sexy Isra To Run First Ever Marathon

I am so excited to have agreed to run the Chicago Marathon in 2010 to benefit Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association. Hope to raise awareness and money for a great cause in the coming year as I train and prepare for such a great experience as running 26.2 miles!! As late as six years ago, I was saying anyone who puts his body through such a beating must be stupid. I would never do that. Now, I will actually run my first ever marathon.