Monday, November 23, 2009

Amanda The Aspiring TV Writer

Let us suppose that "You get a degree in TV,write a bunch of scripts, and move to LA. Then what?" You put yourself in the best position to network and learn about your chosen industry. A wonderful resource is to read Amanda's blog. She is a funny, intelligent, informative, talented, wonderful writer from whom I have learned plenty in the year or so I've been a loyal reader to her posts. She has consistently maintained this blog for a few years. While I started reading it a year and a half after she began to write it, I have since made sure to read every entry from her initial one. Honestly, I do not know her personally, but I do hope to some day meet her and possibly work with her. At the very least, I have enjoyed reading her work. The work of a young woman who I believe will be something very special for all writers and artist to respect and admire.

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