Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kate's 2 Comedy Appearance

Kate Bergeron is beautiful, talented, and lovely. She can sing, act, and rumble. Yes, she can. She is tough so do not mess with her unless you wish to be schooled in the art of her toughness. More recently, people in the LA area have had the great privilege to see Kate on a different kind of stage from an acting one. Kate has been showcasing her ability to make people laugh. Kate is frequently seen at such places as the famed Comedy Store in LA. In fact, as Kate continues to shine with her stand up routine, she is finding more gigs. If you wish to say you witnessed the amazing Kate before she became a force in the comedy world, you have two chances to see Kate work her magic this week. Kate is tremendous and you will not be disappointed if you attend one of her shows. If you can, attend both and bring some friends or loved ones. For more information on location as well as tickets, please visit Kate's site at:

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