Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Birthday Gratitude 2012

It is my birthday once again!! While it is still July 21 in my time zone, I wanted to quickly take the time to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time to call and wish me a very happy birthday. Many have reached out through Twitter and Facebook. The outpouring of love I have especially received on Facebook is one which overwhelms each of the last few years I have had a profile on the site. Your generosity knows no end. For that, I say thank you. People from various states and countries with whom I am friends have taken time to express their best wishes for me on this day. I feel the love. I hope you know that each day I do my best to express that same love right back. That is a major part of what I do with this blog. I try to tell my readers what my amazing pals are doing whether racing at an elite level or shining in plays and films. All of these individuals make me who I am today and will continue to have an impact on my life for as long as they wish to remain in it.

Speaking about my pals, good luck to many of them who are racing the RNR Chicago Half Marathon in the morning. May the conditions be in your favor and you run like the wind. Besides reading my birthday wishes from all of you, I took the time to read a moving piece from the lovely and talented, Jen Knox. The piece appears on her blog. In the coming days, I will make sure to put up the URL to her well written piece so you may read what moved me today.

Again, I appreciate all who have been sending me their love today. I have done my best to respond to each individual post with a personalized reply. I owe it to you who think so highly of me as to leave me a post. I owe it to you who have influenced the person I am and the person I will become in the future.

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