Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coral Springs 2013

In February 2008, I ran my first ever half marathon at the AIA Half/Full Marathon event in Fort Lauderdale. Prior to that race, the longest run I had ever done in training or a race was 4.7 miles. It was a tough one. My goals were to go the distance and have enough for a final sprint to the finish. I achieved both goals. I was also able to run the entire 13.1 without ever resorting to walking at any point. One of my favorite experiences that weekend was meeting and spending time with the lovely, talented, and amazing, Kelle. After only a few minutes around her, I knew I was going to enjoy being around her whenever possible. Over the years, that has continued to be the case. I do not always get the great pleasure of spending as much time with Kelle as I would love, but having her as a friend who is always encouraging me, pushing me, and believing in me is such a joyous experience. When I heard about the Coral Springs half Marathon and Women's Wellness 5K, I was intrigued. when I heard Kelle was associated with the event, I knew I had to register to race it. Any event which Kelle is involved with is one I want to be as well. If you wish to learn more about how and why I value Kelle so much, please take a look at the event's site and considering adding either the half marathon or the 5K to your 2013 schedule. There is an early bird discounted price if you sign up prior to the end of July 15.

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