Friday, July 20, 2012

Megan's ACSDT Cause

How determined are you? How tough are you? For those with cancer, those are questions they answer daily. For their friends, family members, and loved ones it is also posed to them. I have often said that I am not sure if I am tough enough to overcome different kinds of struggles in my life. I have overcome some, but the pain one feels on race day is not one that I have beaten in the fashion I wish. My goal this season has been to embrace the pain and run through it. Each time I am on the starting line I hope to live up to that. One person who I know has the fight in her to do just that is the lovely and talented Megan! I first learned about her last October when she posted a comment on the Fleet Feet Cheer Team blog congratulating me for another Chicago Marathon completion. Shortly afterwards, she and I connected on both Twitter and Facebook. Having Megan in my life has brought two additional special friends, Jennifer and Sarah. Megan is the kind of person who welcomes the challenge of going the distance. She did so in her first half marathon earlier this year. She is following that up by taking on the challenge of 13.1 miles once more at the RNR Chicago Half Marathon this weekend. Megan is spectacular. Megan is selfless which is best shown by the fact that she has been raising money for the American Cancer Society Determination Team. Megan is a tremendous woman and friend whom I have the great privilege to call a friend. Go Megan go!

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