Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day 2012

I want to wish all my readers and followers a very Happy Independence Day! I hope you have had a splendid day with family, friends, and loved ones. I merely wished to express my gratitude to you who read my entries. I hope you find enjoyment, pleasure, and excitement in what I share with you. I do my best to tell you about theater pieces, films, and races. I do my best to tell you what my friends are up to as they write, perform, or race. Without those individuals taking a chance on me and believing in me, I would never be able to write, race, or compete in life. I have been lucky enough to hear from a few of you over the years. I have been lucky enough to become friends with some of you too. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I was reflecting earlier today that it was a year ago today that I reached out to a talented person to inform her that I had written a screenplay in which I hope she will consider being one of the stars. The truth is, I had written the theater piece years before and as I started in on the heavy lifting to adapt it to film, I looked various places for inspiration. What may have worked on a stage may translate to the screen in some ways, but in other ways, I could not expect that it would so I needed to find other methods by which I could share those aspects of the story to my audience. Around the time I was attempting to figure this out, I began to be filled with a desire to have this talented young woman in one of my films. One day as I listened to a song, images filled my mind. These pictures appeared and became clearer. Soon I realized the strongest image was a scene I had not written, but needed to write. As I sat down to do just that, I started thinking of whether I would want a man or woman in said scene. It was obviously immediately that I should write it as a cameo for that talented actress. The more I listened to the song, the stronger those feelings grew. Eventually, I decided, instead of a cameo, look at the screenplay and how could I make it so she would be a major role. I realized there was an obvious role which I could alter and rewrite to make it perfect for the actress. I started the process of rewriting while staying true to the character and story. Within days, I had it to the place I wanted to be so I reached out to her. As luck would have it, she was open and seemingly flattered. Since then, we have remained in contact and she has become a guiding light for both my writing and racing. Thank you to her for that. The funny thing is she may not even know to what extent she has shaped my life. I guess that is the beauty of having a blog or the beauty of the internet. I look forward to others whom I will meet, befriend, or work with as a result of this blog, my Twitter account @sexyisra, and Facebook. Because of social network, I have met some wonderful individuals. I am grateful for that. Because of this blog and the freedom I am afforded, I can connect with you. Thank you to all. I look forward to many more opportunities in the future to connect with you.

Special thanks to those who serve this country enabling people like me to have a voice without fear of the police, governing body, or top officials in this country becoming angry or preventing me from speaking.

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