Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Call Features Jenna Shoemaker

A little bit over a month ago in September, I came across a post by USA Triathlon which had reposted a link from Outside Magazine which did a piece on Jenna Shoemaker. I read the piece and was immediately fascinated by her story and accomplishments. I checked out an accompanying video of behind the scenes footage at Jenna's photo shoot. I was most intrigued by Jenna's goal since childhood to be the first person to ever win both an Olympic gold medal and an Academy Award. I also came across an article USA Triathlon had done earlier in September on Jenna, her brother, Jarrod, and her sister-in-law, Alicia. All three race triathlons at an elite level on the global stage. I was truly inspired by these articles. I was most excited at learning more about how Jenna balances her love and work as a professional triathlete with that of an actress who aspires to one day get that special Oscar. I was interested because I felt I could learn from her story about how one can pursue both areas of interest and be successful at both. I know Jenna is destined for special careers in both the athletic and artistic worlds. I am fascinated to see how she continues to grow as both an athlete and an artist to fulfill her dream of the gold medal and Oscar. She will need to climb two major mountains to achieve her goals and I am so thrilled to see how she will do it. I am a recent fan of Jenna Shoemaker and already I have learned so much from the articles I have read.

Tonight, all can get a glimpse at Jenna Shoemaker when she appears on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly which airs at 1:30a.m. eastern time and 12:30a.m. central time.

Those interested can also follow Jenna Shoemaker's journey towards her athletic and artistic goals at her blog:

Jenna's new web site which just went live today:

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