Friday, October 8, 2010

Anxiety Slowly Becoming Excitement!

2 Days away from my marathon debut at the Chicago Marathon. In fact, as I write this, there are about thirty hours left before the official start to the race. The expo is going on currently and I plan to make my way to pick up my packet, which includes my bib, tomorrow. My bib number is 30001. Having not worked out in a couple of days, I am feeling out of shape. I truly wanted to work out and get a run in over the last couple of days, but I understand that the best option is to rest and relax. I need to stay hydrated and stretch throughout the day. I appreciate the support and encouragement family and friends have been offering. I am looking forward to seeing family and friends who will be showing up at different points along the race course to cheer for me and other runners. I am still quite nervous since I have never run this distance in my life, but I am also confident from the successful performance at the Chicago Area Runners Association's Ready To Run 20 Miler. I have a few more miles under my belt since then including two fabulous runs earlier this week where I sustained a nine minute pace for seven miles. I am excited to get going on Sunday. I am hoping the weather is as warm as is being predicted, but not too warm where there is a chance medical personnel and organizers may call the race. It is getting closer and I am getting chills. This is so exciting! I also wish to thank those who have donated to my fundraising efforts for Team GLASA as I am running the marathon on behalf of sixteen year old twins, Liz and Emily, who have benefited greatly from the programs Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association offers youth and adults with physical and visual disabilities. One more good night of rest is in store for me tonight because I know tomorrow, as much as I try to relax, I will not be able to do so and will probably be up half the night attempting to calm my anxiety and excitement.

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