Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bigby LAPD

In early June of this year, I contacted Matt Miller to inform him I had decided to race in the New York City Triathlon. His C Different Foundation would pair me up with a sighted triathlete who would guide me through the course. In early July, Matt informed me that he had found a gentleman to guide me. Brendan Hermes. Matt believed it was a perfect match. Brendan and my personalities along with our interests were so similar it was scary. Brendan is a triathlete, voiceover actor, and television and film producer as well as one who develops interactive web content. The few times we spoke prior to my weekend trip to New York in July were plenty of fun. The few days I was privileged to spend with Brendan, his family, and friends were spectacular. Our interests seemed to be very similar. As for our personalities, I never could quite gage it, but I truly enjoyed the experience of being around an industry professional. As someone who has miles to go before arriving where I want to be in my artistic, writing, and performing ventures, I learned so much from Brendan just by observing him and making conversation. Over the years, I have had many dear friends, especially, Sunshine, Rani, Madelon, Angela, and Therese, who have taught me that everything happens to us for a reason. Every person who comes into our lives is there for a reason. The universe plays out in perfect order. There are not any accidents. I believe that. The way Brendan and the C Different Foundation crossed paths was not an accident. Brendan getting involved at this time for this race in order to come into my life is exactly how the event was destined to play out. I agree with Matt. It is scary!

I told friends and family as well as informing my followers on Twitter that one of Brendan's latest projects involved him being the Executive in charge of production for a project involving Kevin Smith. Today, Brendan announced that Worldwide Biggies, the company for whom he works and creates various projects, has released a new game which everyone can download from iTunes for the low price of $0.99. That is right. For only ninety-nine cents, each person can play a game called Bigby LAPD. In a world thrown into chaos by dragons and pirates comes a crime fighting kid, Bigby, ready and able to save the world! Please check it out and make sure to download it. Make sure to tell all your friends about how wonderful the game is.

Here is a review and more information about the game:

Here is a link to download the game:

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