Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Awesome Moments Of 2010 Chicago Marathon

Within hours of crossing the finish line of my first ever marathon in my favorite city in the world, I heard that there was a video posted on youtube of me running in the Chicago Marathon. My guide Peter was leading the way at the seventeen mile mark in the video. I was smiling to hear some people say that I was flying down the street considering that I had long since sprained my ankle at mile 3.5 and I was fighting to survive with the pain in my foot. Hearing that only makes my desire to run the marathon again that much stronger to show myself that I can truly fly through the streets of Chicago conquering the course in dominating fashion. In the video, I am also seen just a few hundred meters from the finish line in Grant Park guided by Peter as we ran with Rich who guided me for the first thirteen miles of the marathon. There have been some wonderful comments made to me as a result of people seeing that video.

On Monday, I was informed that there was a blogger at Chicago Now who had published a piece of Awesome Moments Of The Chicago Marathon Weekend. The thirty-fourth picture of the fifty-eight which appear in this post is of Rich guiding me! That is awesome! Thank you to Awesome Barb of Chicago Now for including Rich and me in her moments. If you wish to see all the pictures, here is the link to her entry:

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