Saturday, October 9, 2010

Final Countdown Prior To 2010 Chicago Marathon

One day! In truth, about nine hours remain before the start of the Bank Of America Chicago Marathon! Eleven months ago, I informed Keri Schindler of Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association that I wanted to run in the 2010 Chicago Marathon as a member of Team GLASA. It seemed so distant into the future. Now, I am hours away. As is the case on the eve of each race, I can not sleep. I am tired, but unable to sleep. I have my bib pinned to my race jersey and a card informing people on whose behalf I am running. My guide rope is packed. Rich Karnia is set to guide me for the first half of the race and Peter Mullen is set to pick me up at about the midpoint and guide me home to the finish line. I am grateful to those who donated to my fundraising efforts. I am excited at the opportunity in front of me. I am a Chicagoan so making my marathon debut in my home town for a wonderful cause in front of about two million spectators and countless others who will be watching the local coverage on NBC 5, on the TV station's web site, or those who will be listening to WSCR The Score 670AM is such an overwhelming thrill. I can not stop smiling. I am nervous because I have never run 26.2 miles, but I managed to push myself through the 20 Miler three weeks ago. The predicted weather is eighty-six degrees. I hope it is a bit cooler since I would not want to run the risk of having the race cancelled as it was stopped in 2007 three and a half hours after it began due to the heat. I am grateful for the support from family and friends on this site as well as on Facebook and Twitter. I hope the running I have done to prepare for this event will pay off and help me especially through the final six miles which is when the race truly begins. I could have run more. I could have trained more consistently, but I also know that I ran more in preparation for this event than I ever have for any previous race. In fact, when I was dedicating myself to working out five days a week lifting weights, running stairs, doing pushups, sit ups, biking, and running 3.0-3.5 miles, I did not work out as much then as I believe I did in the last six to eight weeks getting ready for this marathon after completing the New york City Triathlon. If I can stay focussed, hydrated, and relaxed with the best running form possible, then I should shine in a way I have never shine prior. For anyone who will be along the course or wishes to track me, be on the look out for bib number 30001. Feel free to scream out my name. Now, time to get some rest because in the morning, it will be a spectacular fun filled ride of excellence as I have never experienced.

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