Friday, October 29, 2010

Bobby Drama

With a couple scene study classes under my belt, I walked into an acting class which would go a long way in helping me discover my talent, range, and voice as an actor. On the first day of the term, the instructor had us sit in a circle and before he laid out his introduction to what would be the foundation for what we were about to learn and practice, he had us introduce ourselves one at a time. There was a young man sitting next to me who went just before I did. His name was Robert A. Lynch. I had a chance to get to know robert during the term. In fact, over the next year, he and I had almost every class together. We were paired up to work on in class exercises and had a couple of scene set ups together where he and I spend time outside of class building a foundation for whatever the relationship and situation called for in our given scene. Over the years we have remained good friends. Whenever my theater pieces have been selected to participate in festivals, Robert has been there. During the staged reading of my first ever play to be selected as part of a festival, he came up to me afterwards and stated, "Is, I knew you were good, but I just never knew you were great. It is a masterpiece." He also attended a performance of the world premiere production of said play and he was raving about it. I have written a couple plays and films with Robert specifically in mind for a couple roles. He is such a great friend and a talented artist who has been seen in and around Chicago in some spectacular roles. He is an amazing improviser too. If you ever have an opportunity to see this young man perform, you will be blown away. The best way to stay up to date with all Robert is doing is to please log on to Facebook and like his official fan page.

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