Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Virtual Run for sherry Arnold

One of my friends, Megan, posted a link to a story on Facebook several weeks ago. The story was about a woman, forty-three year old Sherry Arnold, who went out for her usual morning run on a Saturday morning, but unlike her other morning jogs, she did not return. the beloved woman, teacher, wife, daughter, sister, and friend was taken from this world in a horrific act of violence and lack of respect for human life. More recently, Megan posted another link which is to a blog called, Shut Up and Run. On this site, I read about a virtual run scheduled for Saturday, February 11, 2012. Wherever you are in this world, you can take part in this run. You can print out a bib to wear on this run. You can pay tribute to a fallen runner. You can show support for a woman who was taken from this world. You can read more about the event and learn how you can participate by visiting the URL at the end of this post. You can spread the word to others in your community and across the globe. Together, we can honor Sherry Arnold.

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