Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jessica And Friends

A year ago, I received a notice via Twitter that I had a new follower. I noticed the name and sent a thank you message to the young woman. I then noticed that she sent me a tweet asking if I was running the Chicago Marathon again in 2011. Clearly, she knew I had run the marathon in 2010. I said no since I was not able to register in time before it closed. She encouraged me to pick a charity and register. I had spent the previous couple of days researching and reaching out to a few non profits so I felt the universe was telling me to follow this plan. I posted a tweet that I would run the marathon for a non profit. In response to this, another young woman reached out to me with a suggestion. Jessica Hiltner insisted I join Imerman Active and run for Imerman Angels. Within a day or two I was all signed up to go 26.2 in October. The people I met immediately were some of the nicest sweetest angels in the world. Jessica, Kat, and Jemma just to name a few of them. Jessica has become one of my greatest supporters. I am also so grateful because she is often one of my greatest inspirations and motivations to attempt a new challenge. I have always been told that you are merely a reflection of those whom surround you. If you believe your friends are spectacular, amazing, and special then you should know that it is because those words describe you too. Nowhere is this more evident than the circle of Jessica's friends. All of the ones I have met or of whom I have heard are exactly like Jessica. If you are a regular reader to this blog then you know I would not lie or tell you a half truth. If you are new to this blog then I would like to direct your attention to Jessica's site. Here, you can read about some of the amazing people in her life who are doing their part to make this a better world. Nikki, Mark, Allie, Somer, and of course, Jessica. Please visit the following site:

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