Friday, February 10, 2012

Ready To Cycle For Survival

The night before every single event I get nervous. I am so tonight. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and I will have to head out into the snow and cold towards downtown Chicago to participate in my first ever Cycle For Survival. It is not a race, but not knowing what to expect is making me anxious. Am I prepared? Will I get the hang of it or will I struggle? I have taken a spinning class. I have raced in triathlons. I use a bike often in training. I should be able to handle this cycling event. After all, the hard part has passed. I have spent time asking people for donation. I have been lucky enough to get some wonderful people to give their hard earned money to my cause. For that, I am so grateful! Each of you has a special place in my heart. Now comes the fun part. Meeting some wonderful people, reconnecting with those I have already met, and experiencing this ride knowing we are all part of the Njoy Racing team riding to benefit the Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital which funds research to find treatment for those who suffer from rare forms of cancer.

I need to go put out my clothes and try to get some rest. I can already tell I probably will not sleep much tonight. I am very excited about this fun new challenge.

For anyone interested in giving me one final push to my goal, please log on to the following site:

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