Saturday, February 25, 2012

Princess Megan Princess Jennifer

Shortly after running in the 2011 Chicago Marathon, Abe Cortez, a member of Fleet Feet's Cheer Team, reposted my marathon race report from this site to the FF Cheer Team site. From there and a result of other friends reposted links to that site via Twitter and Facebook, I received congratulatory comments from many individuals including people I did not know. Wherever I could, I did my best to express my gratitude to those people directly. One of those individuals was a young woman named Megan B. Through that race report, Megan and I have become supportive friends to each other. Now, I wish to take this time to wish Megan all the best luck in the world as she takes on the challenge of 13.1 miles for what I believe is the first time in her life! She is running the Disney's Princess Half Marathon tomorrow morning.

A few weeks ago, I became friends on Facebook with a young woman who is friends with Megan. Thanks to Megan who insisted Jennifer F. check out Sexy Isra Experience. Jennifer did and was so moved by my words that we became friends. I also wish to say best of luck to her as Jennifer will run the Disney's Princess half Marathon. I hope both Megan and Jennifer enjoy the experience. I look forward to reading and hearing how Megan and Jennifer handle the course. Megan and Jennifer are rock stars in my book!

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