Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jen Knox

I love to write. I love when friends and strangers tell me how my words touched their lives. I love to make people think and feel. In fact, one of my friends, Dan Bernstein, the host of the afternoon show on WSCR 670 AM in Chicago, once stated that it is my responsibility to push the boundaries of accepted societal norms while forcing people to face issues they otherwise sweep under the rug. He said it is the job of any writer or standup comic who is good at their job. I enjoy when I read the work of others and it makes me think and feel. One woman who does that is the talented author, Jen Knox. I have enjoyed reading her short stories, blog posts, and other pieces. I have enjoyed the opportunities to express my gratitude for what she does. It tickles me that I can use this site to do just that. I am even more amused that I can contact her directly through Twitter, Facebook, and other avenues to say thank you for a piece which she has written. I feel lucky that Jen Knox first came into my life when she took an interest in my writing, marathon, and triathlon adventures. I have learned so much by reading her work. I have gained a wonderful friend who inspires me daily.

Jen is an amazing writer with an interesting life story. What most inspires me is how she is willing to share her story with the world. Many people have done so over the years, but as a friend pointed out to me when I was first writing my autobiographical theater piece prior to my debut as a writer and actor in Chicago theater, most people write themselves as the good person or victim, but never shine the light on who they truly are as individuals. In truth, many people like the idea of telling their stories, but few have the guts to truly examine who they are. I took pride in being honest with my readers and audiences. For those who have read or will read Jen's book, you see that Jen is honest with who she is. She makes readers feel. Please take a look at the links I provide to familiarize yourself with the talented Jen Knox. You will find links to her book, Musical Chairs. You will also read information about her second book, To Begin Again. You will learn that a third book by Jen is coming in the new year! I can not wait. I am so excited at what 2012 has in store for the talented Jen Knox. I thank you Jen for allowing us to get a look into your world and for sharing your gift of writing with the world so that someone like me can learn from you and get inspired as I work on my theater pieces or screenplays. Jen, you do a great job making me feel. I hope others will get a chance to experience what I have been lucky to experience. Thank you Jen for being my friend!

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