Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cobar Collections Site

A few years ago, my friend raved about one of her long time friends. I was intrigued. the more she told me the more I wanted to hear about the woman she described. She was raving about a beautiful talented artist who designed clothes. Wanda Cobar! Wanda had designed clothes which were worn by models on the runways of Chicago, New York, and Paris. More recently, Wanda designed an outfit for Steven Tyler. Yes, that Steven Tyler. Wanda is a tremendous artist who designs outfits for high school dance teams, theater wardrobes, and celebrities. She is simply spectacular. Her designs are wonderful. Of course, you are probably reading this and asking, where can I view Wanda's designs for myself? Well, I am glad you asked. You can see Wanda, read her story, and view her designs at the web site listed below. Her clothes are frequently featured for purchase so women, feel free to browse and buy Wanda's outfits. You will look smashing in them.

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