Monday, November 29, 2010

Emily Schaller Rocking CF!

A couple months back, I read an article at the Runners' World site discussing the story of Emily Schaller who was diagnose with Cystic Fibrosis when she was eighteen months old and whose parents were told that she would most likely not live to see her eighteenth birthday nor high school graduation. What is Emily doing now? She is living! She is almost thirty years old and she is blazing a trail for others who will come after her. She is a shining example of heart, courage, and determination. She created the Rock CF Foundation which works to inform, educate, and help those with CF, their families, and anyone else who wishes to help find a cure for the disease. As Emily was quoted in the piece and on the Rock CF site, "I hope one day CF stands for cure found." I hope so too. There are concerts, gatherings, and other events the foundation puts on to help educate the world about Cystic Fibrosis as well as raise funds which go to researching possible cures. Next March 20, 2011, the foundation will organize the inaugural Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon and 5K in Michigan. It will be cold and snowy, but I hope to get the chance to make the trip and race in the event for a worthy cause. I was so moved by the piece on the RW site that I reached out to Emily and have had the privilege of seeing what she and her foundation are doing to help those with CF. As Emily likes to say, "I'm here to rock CF on its ass!" I hope she does. I hope a cure is found and CF does eventually stand for cure found!

For anyone interested in reading more about Emily's work, her foundation, and the Rock CF Rivers event please log on to:

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