Monday, November 15, 2010

The Dialogue

When I first began the process of writing my autobiographical theater piece many moons ago, I started out envisioning it as a one person show. Over the years, I altered my vision and it ultimately became what it is. At the time, one of my acting instructors, Ted, suggested I contact one of his former colleagues who was a successful instructor, actor, director who had written and performed a wonderful one woman show. I reached out to Robyn. She was one of the nicest individuals I had ever met as she was always willing to answer my questions and offer me such wonderful words of wisdom. Robyn invited me to a performance of that one woman show and I loved every second of it. Over the years, she has become one of my dearest friends and biggest supporters. She had such praise for an early draft of my theater piece. I especially loved it when she praised me for not falling into the trap which most inexperienced writers or those writing their life story tend to do which is to make themselves be the hero and look good. According to her, there were times in my piece where I start taking my reader and or my viewer down the path of an after school special when suddenly I pull the rug out from under them and shine a not so flattering light on who I am not concerned with being a likable figure. Ultimately, I learned that I could be honest and allow the theatrical me to be separate from the real life me. I have Robyn to thank for helping me realize that fact.

Tonight, all can witness a wonderful piece entitled The Dialogue at Links Hall on Chicago's north side. A fascinating nine performance run where two established Chicago based performers are put together in a show, but neither knows the identity of the other. They have a telephone conversation in front of an audience which is improvised as the audience members listen in using headphones.

For more information and directions if you wish to attend, log on to

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