Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Registered For Fourth Marathon

There seemed to have been such a mad dash rush to sign up for the 2013 Chicago Marathon that the registration site experienced difficulties and registration has been suspend until Thursday. I tried a couple times, but received a notice that the site was unavailable. I did get in once, but issues with my screen reader gave me some problems. I misspelled my own e-mail address and when I attempted to correct it, my registration ended as I was kicked off the system. Thankfully, my friend Khitam called and asked if I needed help registering. She had completed her registration and was now in the process of offering help to others. She tried a couple times before being allowed to go through the process. By the end, she received a notice on her screen confirming that I had registered! I received the confirmation e-mails and I am grateful to her for ensuring I am in the field for the fourth consecutive year. I use to think people who ran marathons were crazy for doing that to their bodies. Here I am about to run my fourth one. There will be more to write in the coming days and months as I finalize my race day guides as well as begin the journey towards the start line in what will hopefully be another personal record and my third straight Boston Marathon qualifying time in the blind/visually impaired runner category.

I hope my friends who attempted to register today will be able to get in when it opens on Thursday. Many of my friends have already reported they are in and for that I am thrilled. Big shout to Jen Pfaff who has guided me each other the last two years at this race as she and her friend, Bridget will push each other to the limit in attempting to break their personal records at this distance. As more of my pals get signed up or have a cause to promote, you can be sure I will mention them here. I can not wait to get started. Many more road races, triathlons, and maybe duathlons between now and then, but I am so pumped!

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