Monday, February 18, 2013

Caroline Guides In NYC

Five years ago I met the talented Caroline Gaynor when I did my first ever triathlon in New York. A month later I saw her again in Chicago at a prerace dinner and she laughed while stating, "Oh Israel, it's good to see you have teeth and you're smiling." Apparently, in New York, Caroline tried to speak to me, but I was so scared about the pending swim in the Hudson river that I did not speak much nor smile. Since I was not racing Chicago, I was in much better spirits. One year later, Caroline became the first woman in history to guide a blind person through an Ironman Triathlon. Prior to Caroline doing so, the only ones to do so were men. She has done it several more times and will once again take on the challenge in a few months. Go Caroline!!

For now, here is a short video of Caroline guiding a blind athlete and friend in last year's New York city Triathlon. I hope you enjoy.

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