Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Julie For Check Please

After losing my sight, I discovered AM talk radio. Before losing my sight, the only thing I knew about talk radio was that old people listened to it. As a teen searching for answers about life and my new situation, I turned to talk radio to entertain, educate, and distract me. I soon realized talk radio was splendid. As time went on I knew that upon restoration of my sight and a return to school, I would chase the talk radio dream. I developed an even greater interest in politics thanks to talk radio. What I did not expect was that I would eventually develop a love for sports. When I was sighted, I played sports all the time, but I was not a student of history, players, or statistics. Sports talk radio changed that. I was fortunate to discovered several amazing talkers, hosts, and reporters. Over time, I made contacts in the sports radio industry as I attempted to learn as much as I could prior to beginning the journey as a reporter and host. One of those individuals who was so amazingly kind with her time and insight was the beautiful and talented Julie Swieca Gannon. Whether I was in high school, college, or beyond, she always gave me her time. As the years have gone on, Julie remains a friends to this day. Julie has since departed from Chicago sports talk radio, but she remains an important force in the Chicagoland area. When it comes to food, pastries, and goodies, there is no one more knowledgeable than Julie. That is why Julie should be considered for the role as host for the television show, Check Please. I know I am bias. I know Julie is a friend and someone who has been near and dear to my heart for well over sixteen years. So I will let you, my readers, decide for yourself by visiting the following link where Julie explains why she should be considered for the position on Check Please. I believe you will agree with me. We are not sure if producers or those in charge will take into account the level of interest per hits this video receives, but if they do, let us all join forces together to watch this as often as we can so that those in charge will see that there is interest in Julie and her work.

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