Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jay Marvin's Death Dance And Punk Blood

When I was in high school, someone said I should listen to late nights on WLS-AM in Chicago. There was a young fresh voice on the air which I would enjoy. His name was Jay Marvin. I listened. I thought that he was not my cup of tea. He was ridiculous prank calling WGN Radio's Extension 720 program, saying dumb things, then hanging up. Of course, he was doing this while on the air. Aside from that, I thought he was okay. The person who first told me about Jay insisted that if I gave him a chance, he would win me over. The person said Jay champions the little guy. Jay attempts to be the voice of those who do not have one. He does great work to bring awareness to mental health issues in the world. I kept listening and in very short order, I had become a fan of his show. In fact, I loved it. He in fact did take calls from people with mental health issues who screamed out for help. Unlike others, Jay listened. He tried to help these callers both on and off the air. Wanting to establish myself in radio, I reached out to Mr. Marvin and he actually took the time to call me back, answer my questions, and sounded genuinely interested in my life and story. Eventually, he left Chicago and moved around the country. I was not able to find him until I was in college hosting a radio talk show where I would do my best to interview various media members about the latest stories or the media's role in information gathering or entertainment providing. I have been lucky enough to become friends with Jay over the years. Besides being a wonderful talk show personality, he writes and paints. In fact, you can buy two of his books at the following sites. Please take the time to read about Jay Marvin as well as his books. You will be entertained and moved by his words.

You can buy Death Dance at:

You can buy Punk Blood at:

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