Thursday, December 6, 2012

See Jenna At Bike Effect

I hope you, my readers, are having a tremendous week. If Thursday has been challenging and you wish to turn it around or if you are having a splendid day and wish to add a sweet cherry on top of an already wonderful day, then please take the time to experience a great treat. If you are in the Santa Monica area tonight, please stop by Bike Effect. The wonderful, amazing, and talented Jenna Parker will be there. This tremendous pro triathlete, model, and actress will be engaging attendees in a question and answer section which promises to be informative and fun. Again, that is the lovely, Jenna Parker at Bike Effect in Santa Monica starting at 7p.m. and running until 8:30p.m. You can have all your questions answered and get some great wisdom from a pro triathlete who year in year out is amongst the best American women and one of the best in the world. Who better to answer your questions as you prepare for next racing season.

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