Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

To you who celebrate the birth of Jesus, Merry Christmas. I remember how special this day use to be for me when I was a boy. I remember how much I looked forward to the presents, lights, snow, cheer, music, and shopping. All of it combined for a magnificent season on a yearly basis. In those days, I loved Christmas because of the significance of Jesus had in my life. Nowadays, the joy and excitement I had as a boy has been replaced by that which I feel for my nieces and nephews anticipating their gifts from Santa. My own joy is not there as it use to be, but I always find happiness in reflecting what wonders I have experienced or enjoyed. One of those wonders is happiness for you who follow my blog. Thank you for taking an interest in my artistic and athletic ventures. I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing individuals who push their limits on a daily basis in athletics. I am grateful to those who do what they do in theater, film, and TV. You push boundaries and evoke responses. I do my best to highlight those friends as often as I can. I hope you read and check out their work whether in person or via the internet. I hope all of those who are connected to me in some way have enjoyed today. For those who do not celebrate this holiday, I hope you have found bliss in the season and on those religious holidays you celebrate. I look forward to continuing to provide my thoughts on my races, plays, and films as well as continuing to shine a light on the races and projects of my friends and those who inspire me.

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