Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Review Of Kate In Marry, F***, Or Kill

My friend, the beautiful and talented, Kate Bergeron can be seen in the Magic Mirror Theater's Marry, F***, Or Kill running now through January 20. If you have an opportunity to see her and her fellow cast members be magical on stage, please take advantage of it. I would argue the number one reason to attend is to watch the amazingly gifted Kate perform at the top of her game as the character named Jean. The counterargument is that I am bias. Yes, I am. I believe Kate is the best talent in the show. Kate is not the only one who shines, though. As previously mentioned, Kate's other cast mates dazzle in this play. If you wish to read about what one critic calls a powerful and robust show, then please take the time to log on to the following site to read a review for a can not be missed play.

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