Friday, December 14, 2012


Prior to registering for my first ever acting class, I spent plenty of time researching various schools and their staff. I cam across a talented and accomplished actress, director, and instructor who I knew could teach me more than I could ever hope. I had a feeling that taking the class with this instructor would be life changing. Just prior to the first day of class, I received the information on who would be my scene partner for the course. She was a beautiful and talented up and coming artist named Rani. As it turned out, the instructor did in fact change my life as she remains one of the most influential and supportive friends in my life. Along the way, Rani redefined my life too. Life is what happens when you are busy looking the other way.

The beautiful and talented Rani has gone on to compile a tremendous list of success as a writer, director, and actress. Her latest project is one which can be seen tonight if you are in the Los Angeles area. Hollywood Second City will host a reading of Rani's TV pilot entitled Coupledom. Tonight at 6:30p.m. Go and enjoy a fun thirty minute pilot which is sure to make you laugh. You will be treated to some amazing artists on stage who will bring to life the work of the amazing Rani. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. You will be fully satisfied.

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