Thursday, December 13, 2012

Houston Half Marathon Start Corral

One month from today, I will be in Houston, Texas racing in the Houston Half Marathon for the second consecutive year. Last year, I broke my half marathon personal record by twenty-seven minutes at this event. It was the first time I ran a half marathon in under two hours. One disappointing part of the race is how I struggled in the final few miles. I slowed down towards the end. The best part of the Houston Half Marathon experience was going the distance with the talented and beautiful, Jennifer Pfaff. She is one of the most amazing talented elite marathoners in the world. I am so lucky that she has guided me for so many races. Jen pushes me like few people do. Over the years, I have posted about some of my favorite friends who have guided me me for races such as; Brendan Hermes, Michael Crissie, Todd Smith, Andrew Murray, and Liz Bilitz. There is something so special when I am guided by friends like Jen and Kimberly Shah. People can spot me at races easily because I am usually wearing a top marked with the name, Sexy Isra. People an also spot me along side beautiful women like Jen, Kimberly,and Liz

Knowing that Jen will be my eyes for Houston Half Marathon has me thrilled because she will push me beyond my mental limits on race day. Unlike a year ago, the amazing Jenna Parker is preparing me for 2013 so I will be stronger down the stretch. For evidence of that, one merely needs to see how I performed in each race after Jenna began preparing me during this season which reached its climax with the Chicago Marathon in October. Jenna has taught me to be stronger late in races. That comes in handy when Jen wishes to lay the hammer as we head to the finish line.

Yesterday, I received my notice from Houston Half Marathon race officials that I will start in corral A which is the first corral of the race. I can not remember where Jen and I began last year, but I am so excited that I will get the chance to get out and run from the opening gun. I am also nervous, but I have two amazing women on my side. Jen, who will be my eyes. Jenna, who is getting me ready to meet my destiny. With a month to go, I will continue to monitor my progress, but as I write this tonight, my goal is to shatter my personal record by at least another twelve minutes. It should be possible. I know it will be fun.

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