Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tanya's El Nogalar Hits LA

A few years ago I had the privilege to attend a play written by the amazing Tanya Saracho. As expected, I was blown away by her work. One of the interesting things I have noticed in recent years is that when I attend a play, I have a very difficult time throwing myself into the experience. I often study the dialogue and action to figure out why it does or does not work. I am always trying to get inside the writer's mind to anticipate where she is going with the story and to question whether I would do the same. Again, this makes it difficult for me to enjoy the work, but I do my best. It is easy to enjoy the work of Tanya Saracho because she is a talented writer. I do find myself studying her play and I always walk away learning something about telling stories. In recent years, I have been lucky enough to become her friend and get a closer look at what makes her so special. One of her successful pieces has now been taken to LA where audiences there will get a chance to learn what Chicagoans have known for years about the amazing Tanya. In addition to her, El Nogalar hitting LA, there is a chance very soon the rest of the country and world will see Tanya's work on the TV screen. If you do not know Tanya, please take the time to read this article about her.

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