Thursday, January 5, 2012

Racing And Writing: Leaner Faster Sexier!

Happy New Year!! It took a few days into 2012 for me to finally post this, but I hope you enjoy reading. I gave some consideration to what I wish to put out in the world and universe for the start of 2012 knowing I will have you, my readers, holding me to these goals and aspirations. Mainly, I will have to hold myself to these items, but it is more fun and does bring more pressure when others are keeping tabs too. As almost everyone does, I always figure that I will maintain and achieve some determined level of fitness, some standard of excellence for my writing and acting in theater pieces, films, and TV shows, and new adventures or places visited. In truth, how often do we set these goals only to shift focus away from them rapidly after the new year? I believe it is similar to those events in our lives which take place and cause us to say, "I will never take life, family, or friends for granted." Or we say, "I will seize each day for the opportunity it is." In the end, we usually fall right back into patterns with which we are most comfortable and which usually involves taking people for granted and not seizing life. I write this because I know I am all too guilty of these! I have made fitness goals and went after them for weeks before losing motivation or finding other things too distracting and more worth my attention so I drop the fitness focus. I have been inspired to write a tremendous story as a theater piece so I sit down and type away for three or four days completing a new full length play which I immediately get into a new play festival or competition of some kind, have my piece selected as one of the ones workshopped and showcased, only to then take the feedback and sit on it instead of immediately banging out a new draft thus letting time pass and the interest in my work die quietly. Every year, January ushers in the promise of a clean slate. Each year, it is time to evaluate where I have been, where I want to be, and where I am going. Of course, what gets in the way is life. I could have a plan or idea what I wish to achieve during a given year, but an opportunity to race in some event in a city which I have never visited may present itself. Maybe the chance to participate in said event with an elite world champion may come about, I would be crazy to not jump at it. There is always the possibility, as has happened two of the last three years, that while I am planning to work on an updated draft of one of my theater pieces, someone will approach me with the suggestion to turn one of my other plays into a screenplay or a TV show. Again, with interest in those projects, I should not only consider it, but deliver what is being requested of me.

For 2012, I have decided on a slogan. In previous years, I have used several of them to motivate me through a period or to get me ready for a race. I love that. For this year, I will do my best to live up to my slogan of Leaner, Faster, Sexier! As you will read, it would probably be more fitting if I went with the word Stronger, but people have come to embrace me as Sexy Isra and this is called the Sexy Isra Experience, so I went with Sexier as the third word.

I use to think that the way to get men to respect me and women to take in interest in me was to bulk up to a romping stomping hulking body. then female friends taught me otherwise as they insisted the Bruce Lee lean physique was much sexier. For one new year's resolution, I resolved to get a lean sexy physique. I planned to workout five days a week. I was not sure if my fitness motivation would last a couple weeks or months, but it was worth a try. I ended up following through for two and a half years! As a boy, I was always small and skinny. I could never gain weight to save my life. After I started bulking up in college, I ballooned up to a stunning 173 pounds. I was a beast. I was a mess. When I decided to slim down and get lean, I worked my way back down to 120 pounds before increasing and settling in at 130. Besides the nonstop compliments from men and women, I loved that I was in the best shape of my life. At that time, my very first theater piece was produced with me as the star. It was so much fun to include a scene where an actress had to undress me on stage. Well, at least, my shirt came off. The feedback from women of all ages and even some men was priceless. It made me realize that I could always include a scene in all my plays and films where I would be shirtless. I had always been uncomfortable with my body, but not anymore. A few years later, I took an interest in road races and triathlons. All of these athletes, especially the elite, are lean and sexy. I could fit right in to this group. The next challenge for me would be to reclaim my speed from my youth. I was always a sprinter prior to losing my sight. In fact, even after losing my sight, I was able to compete on my high school track team as one of the only ones in the state racing against all sighted competition. Yet, since I started running marathons and triathlons a few years ago, I have not been able to display my speed. I must ensure that I do so starting this year. If I can motivate myself to remain focus on the task at hand then I should be able to get leaner and faster for this year's races. That would also mean I would be sexier.

Each time I write a new theater piece or screenplay, I feel that I become a better writer. From time-to-time I will read early drafts of projects or some short films I wrote many years ago and I just shake my head. Did I write this? Why did I ever think these were great? I continue to learn and challenge myself to get better. I challenge myself to make every script as good as it can be. I must make them leaner. I love the sound of dialogue. I love writing dialogue. I know there are moments I write too much of it. I need to let images convey the emotions more. I need to let actors act. From what people tell me, this is not a major issue with my work, but I feel it is so I must improve that. I must get to the heart of my characters and stories faster. I also need to agonize less over every last detail and simply write so that I can get my work into the hands of agents, actors, producers, writers, directors who often request my scripts. I need to trust my talent and be willing to share it with the world more readily. I need to make them stronger so even more people will be interested on a global scale. I must make them sexy enough to intrigue audiences.

Leaner, faster, sexier! If I can stick to those with my training and writing this year then all will fall into place. I am excited about what the new year will bring. I know there are opportunities out there waiting for me. I must be ready to seize them. I will have races in Houston, Denver, and Chicago. Will I be ready to race anywhere else when the time comes? Will I have screenplays ready for submission when people in LA, New York, and elsewhere are calling for them? If my training and writing get leaner, faster, sexier then the answer will be a resounding YES.

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