Saturday, August 20, 2011

To Begin Again At A Discount

Regular readers to this site have read my posts on the talented Jen Knox. I am so grateful that the work of such an amazing woman has entered my life. I receive such inspiration and motivation from Jen and her pieces. If you wish, you can search this site to find more posts about Jen. You can also link to her site and get all the information about her pieces and teaching. A wonderful way to learn more about Jen is to log on to the following link and purchase her book, To Begin Again. You will fall in love with Jen's talent and you will want to read more. The great news is more and more of Jen's work can be found online. Jen is a tremendous talent and I hope you will support her pieces. Feel free to rave about Jen to all your friends too.

To purchase To Begin Again at a ten percent discount today, please visit the link:

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