Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Screenplay Online

In the last couple weeks, events have been moving quickly towards a major breakthrough for my writing career in the Hollywood circles. Some friends know some of the story while others have yet to hear what has been going on. It is always fascinating to me that there are times where someone will ask or say something which unintentionally opens up the floodgates or begins a chain reaction of events creating a whirlwind of opportunities. Thus was the case with a question a friend posed to me a couple Thursdays ago. A very simple question for which I did not have a good answer. After much soul searching, I discovered I only had excuses for what was preventing me from "putting myself out there" for producers, agents, and other industry folks to take notice. The interesting part is that industry people have taken notice of my talent and stories. They have expressed interest in producing my work, but for whatever reason, I have been scared to follow up with them. I truly believe that there was a time in my life when I was driven by the fear of embarrassment and failure. Yet, in these cases, I am scared off by a fear of success. Almost as though I can not believe that people who can make my artistic dreams come true would actually want to do just that. They want to read what I have to say. they believe in my ability to evoke a response, inform, and entertain. They want to give my project money to come to life. In many respects, is that not what all struggling artists, playwrights, screenwriters want? In one instance, not only did a high powered producer with Hollywood connections express interest in my screenplay, she was excited about me being one of the stars in my own film. When I wrote the piece originally, that was my dream, but as time went on, I began to realize that it may not work out that way. Yet, after my dazzling pitch, that is what she said! I would be one of the stars. I would be the one going on tour as the screenwriter and one of the stars. I would be on all the celebrity magazine shows and maybe on all the late night shows promoting my film. All I had to do was deliver a script equal to or better than my pitch. The thing is, the script was written. All papers were signed ready for delivery. Something held me back. Fear. What if I was not good enough? On the flip side, what if I was great and my career took off to overwhelming heights? With interest in this film and others scripts, why was I not making a film? Why am I languishing? Again, no real reason. Just excuses. That all changed last Wednesday when I finally decided to put myself out there. the response has been tremendous. the feedback for my film, the support from my friends, and as important, the interest from Hollywood. Unlike the past, these are opportunities I must not pass up. Writers and actors would die to have these chances I have been given and I must not blow them.

As I continue to refine my work, I have finally decided to do what so many have suggested over the years. Read everything. I have not been able to successfully download scripts from the internet. Often, the format is not industry standard. Other times, my screen reader did not allow for me to access certain file formats such as PDF. That looks to have been resolved over the years and while there are still many hurdles for me to overcome when it comes to technology, I have been able to read some scripts online in the last few days. I have taken a look at the Social Network, Phone Booth, and Pulp fiction. My question to those who check on these and other items on the internet is which sites do you recommend I visit to download screenplays to read? Now that I have apparently been able to figure out how to access them, I want to read more. I want to be able to trust the formatting and site from which I am downloading so if anyone has any suggestions, please reach out to me. thank you! Much more is on the horizon and I am excited that you will be a part of it by following this site.

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