Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jennifer Pfaff For Team Refuel

Last year, I happened to comment on a status on Facebook posted by a long time friend I met in acting class in April of 2004. One of his friends read my comment and responded. Shortly afterwards, I corresponded with her via FB messages and before long, she and I had become friends on Facebook. It was another two months before she and I finally met in person. In fact, the way in which we met came as a result of me registering for the Chicago Area Runners Association Ready To Run 20 Miler in September. This twenty mile run was the last long training run in preparation for the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 10. The young woman offered to guide me for at least ten of the twenty miles. I had one gentleman guide me for the first ten miles and we arrived at the exchange point where he handed me off to the talented Jennifer Pfaff to push me through the final half of this challenging run. I could not have asked for a better person to get me through what at that time was my longest distance ever. Prior to that day, my longest run was 18.6 miles at the Sugar Land 30K in Texas on a Sunday morning in December of 2009. Jennifer had never guided a person without sight and she had never met me, but she jumped at the chance to be there for me. What a fun, tough, and memorable way to meet someone for the first time.

Jen was there for me on that September day and I am excited that she has volunteered to be at least one of the guides who will get me through the 26.2 miles of the Chicago Marathon later this October. As I did last year, I will run the 26.2 mile distance and it looks as though I will do so with the help of two individuals. Two amazing talented accomplished women! I can not wait. Before that day arrives, I and all of you have a chance to help Jen become a member of Team Refuel. All we have to do is vote for Jennifer Pfaff. We can vote once a day throughout the entire time for which voting is open. Please log on to the following site, search for Jen, and cast your vote. You have the power to get her on Team Refuel which will enable her to receive a grant to fund her athletic dreams. Please vote. Tell your family and friends to vote for her too.

The link to vote for Jen is:


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