Monday, July 11, 2011

I Will Run 26.2 Miles For Imerman Angels

I am very confident that everyone knows someone who has had cancer or has cancer. Many people unfortunately can make the claim that a friend, loved one, or significant other has died as a result of this disgusting disease. I have family who survived it. I have friends and friends of friends who have been on death's door only to pull through and live. I also know friends who have died. One of my dear friends passed away just three months ago. To honor her memory and to further show my family members and loved ones that I am with you through it all, I have decided to run the Chicago Marathon this October 9, 2011 as a member of Imerman Angels Team. IA provides one-on-one cancer support to those suffering from cancer so that no one goes through it alone! This world has lost too many wonderful individuals to this horrible disease and often, those who must fight through this feel alone and that no one understands their suffering. Maybe those of us who have never had cancer do not truly understand the situation, but those who have stared death in the face and lived to tell about it can offer a helping hand or a calming voice to tell others what it felt like to endure cancer or the treatment. Above all, those who survived can share what it feels like to triumph. Maybe he or she dealing with cancer is scared and feels all is lost. He or she who is about the same age, gender, or ethnic background can give hope and offer a face behind the story of survival to give the next person the motivation and inspiration to one day be another success story!

Running 26.2 miles is like climbing a mountain. The training, miles, and effort which must go into it are demanding. I have seen the mountain those with cancer must climb and it is an even greater challenge than I am about to endure in preparation for the Chicago Marathon, but I am willing to do my part to honor those closest to me as well as paying tribute to your dear ones with cancer. I ask for your support as I prepare to write my name in the 26.2 record books once more. I will do my part to run as fast as I can. Faster than i have ever run in a race of this distance. I ask that you support me by donating to my cause for Imerman Angels so that no one does face cancer alone.

Throughout the next three months, I will keep you informed here about my progress with fundraising and training. I welcome all who wish to share their experience of how cancer has changed or touched their lives. Together we can be there for each other and can do our part to make this a better world. Please log on and donate at the following site and please pass the link to others:

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