Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Blast

There have been some tremendous events which changed my life forever or at the very least, changed my outlook on myself, family, friends, women, and life. Many of those events took place on my birthday. There are certain events which when one experiences them, they stay with one forever. Again, such moments have taken place on my birthday. Today was another day in which I had the opportunity to examine my life. There are days even now that I say that had I remained sighted, I would have lived an even greater more enriched life. Then I realize that much of who I am is a result of losing my sight. Would I still trade everything and anything in the world to get my sight back? YES! Unlike some others, blindness does not define who I am. I happen to not see, but I am not blind. I am a person who just happens not to have sight. Yet, losing my sight brought so many wonderful people into my life who have shaped and molded me into the person, artist, lover, friend, brother I am. On this, another birthday in which friends from all years of my life and from all walks of life reached out to express their best wishes for a wonderful birthday, I say thank you!! To all my loved ones, family, and friends who inspire, motivate, and support me. You are my driving force. You are the reason I succeed. when I fail, you are the ones who pick me up and ensure I not stop until the ultimate prize has been achieved. Thank you. Simply, thank you.

On Friday, I head to Denver to race in the Denver Triathlon. I look forward to this new race and the opportunity to make new friends and have fresh experiences. I still do not have my desired six pack abs, but I feel I am in the best condition I have been leading up to a triathlon. I hope the results show it. I know my heart will. May you have a tremendous weekend. I will inform you of my weekend upon my return.

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