Friday, July 8, 2011

Fresh Paint At Cobalt Studios

Because of my four older sisters, I developed a love for musicals at a young age. By the time I was seven years old, I had seen some of the best productions and enjoyed Annie, Music Man, and West Side Story so it was not a surprise to anyone that when my high school's spring musical one year was West Side Story that I jumped at the chance to audition. I joined the production and was excited at the opportunity to have my moment on the stage as all four of my sisters did throughout every year of their high school careers. In the end, the best part of being in that show was the chance of a lifetime to meet and befriend an amazing talented beautiful young woman named Naomi! For all the wonderful memories of living in the world of the Jets and Sharks or Tony and Maria, the fondest memories are of being around Naomi. She has gone on to become an even greater talent whose comic books, illustrations, and paintings are often on display for those who appreciate the work of amazing artists.

Those living in Chicago will get an opportunity to see this talented artist's latest work on display starting on Saturday, July 9 at Cobalt Studios. Please make sure you check out Fresh Paint. For more information on dates and time as well as an opening five hour reception, please visit the following site:

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