Friday, February 18, 2011

Sites And Books By Jen Knox

While this blog was created to promote, preview, and review my artistic and athletic ventures as well as the artistic and athletic ventures of my dear close friends who along the way have been supportive, encouraging, and pushing me to achieve my absolute best, I will on occasion take the time to shine a light on some of my favorite resources or individuals. I believe very strongly that any success I have with my theater pieces, films, presentations, marathons, or triathlons are the result of my dedication to put myself in a position to succeed as well as friends taking the time to read my scripts, provide feedback, agree to act in my pieces, go on training runs, or volunteer to be my sighted guides for various races. My name goes down in the records, but it is always a collection of talented people working together which assures my success. Every so often, I read an online article or come across a web site which intrigues me and keeps my interest because the writer is informative, talented, and entertaining. In those cases, I usually do not know the person. In some cases, I may exchange messages with the person. Always, I feel grateful that I have come across that article or person because while I may not personally know him or her, I still feel that I am given an opportunity to learn and grow. Hopefully, the education I receive and the growth I experience can be channeled into my future work.

I have recently been reading a couple sites from an extremely talented writer and I am so glad I have had the opportunities to read her entries. I look forward to the chance of maybe finding her books on audio. I have not learned how to download audio books from the internet so if her books do exist in that format, I am sorry that I have not yet purchased them, but I hope to learn to be comfortable in that method in the very near future because several friends have been publishing books and the only way I can listen to them would be audio downloads as they do not exist in audio CD for purchase. Still, I encourage all to check out the sites and books by the talented Jen Knox. Her book entitled Musical Chairs is a very intriguing piece discussing her personal journey of the ups and downs of life which lead her to rock bottom before she picks herself up and as a champion does, she goes after her life's purpose with a toughness which shows what the human spirit is capable of when it is given a chance. Her book entitled, To Begin Again is a collection of stories. The description reminds me of the Norton Anthology books I loved so much in college.

For more information and to get a better description of Jen's books, please visit both of the following sites and make sure to buy her books:

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