Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Laura Shatkus Talented Artist

I am always amazed at the wonderful individuals in my life of whom I have the great privilege to call friends. I am constantly in awe of their achievements. One such person about whom I have written in the past is Laura Shatkus who I met about seven years ago in acting class. We ended up having several classes together and it was such a joy to observe her in every single one of them. She was and continues to be a masterful artist. Whether in the classroom, in conversation, or on the stage, I get such a thrill when I am around her because she is an amazing beautiful person who oozes love, happiness, and friendship. I learn so much about being an artist and a friend when I am in her presence. Laura can currently be seen in Sketchbook REVERB presented by Collaboraction through March 27. Of course, throughout the run, I will post more information and links so that people can go out and see her work her magic. For now, please take the time to read this wonderful piece about her which appeared in the Daily Herald.



  1. talent? she's a crazy head case who hits on married men