Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pre Chicago Triathlon 2013

It is the night before my first ever attempt at the Chicago Triathlon. It will be a 750 meter swim, 22 meter bike, and 5K run. It is the largest triathlon with more triathletes racing in this event than any other. I get to race in front of friends and family. I get to race along side some of the best pros, para-athletes, and age groupers in the world. I was excited to use this as a warmup to London Worlds Championship taking place in a few weeks. I would race along side Ironman triathlete, Daniel Tun, who would also be my eyes in London. This morning, I received word that Dan was injured while volunteering with the kids' dash and super sprint events thus can not line up next to me tomorrow morning. Instead Don Riechlet, accomplished Ironman triathlete, has volunteered to take me the distance. I was so worried about my short coming in the swim that I did not anticipate other possible obstacles. Having to switch guides last minute sure is one, but thankfully, Don and I have spoken so he knows about the challenge which is in store for him during my swim portion. Once I get through the swim, I can crush the bike and the run as I know I can. I am looking forward to that. Again, I just need to make it through the toughest portion for me then let the game begin.

I thank all the wonderful people who have supported me throughout this season. Thank you to those who have helped me as I enter another race. Kimberly shah and Jenna Parker top the list. Thank you to the good folks at Dare2Tri Chicago. Thank you to Pinnacle Performance Company for all their support. thank you to my friends, family, and readers for always encouraging me as I walk on this journey. May I make all of you proud tomorrow!

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