Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kimberly Chief World Explorer

Vacation matchmaker, Juantaroo seeks someone to be their Chief World Explorer. This reminds me of a show I use to watch on TV called The Thirsty Traveller. This seems like a fun job. Someone gets to travel the world bring all the sights and sounds back to us. The best person for this is Kimberly Shah! Kimberly loves to travel. As a professional triathlete, she has plenty of experiences which she has documented on her Iron Insanity site. In picking a race, Kimberly tells people to pick a destination to visit which happens to have a triathlon, marathon, or race taking place. It is always fascinating reading her reflections and experience from visiting various cities and countries. Kimberly is the perfect person to be Juantaroo Chief World Explorer. You can help Kimberly become so by voting for her. I have voted and will continue to do so until the voting period ends. Please do the same. As readers have learned over the years, Kimberly changed my life years ago when she opened her heart to me by volunteering to be my guide for a training run on the very first day we met. Within a mile or two of running with her, I was left speechless when she offered to be my eyes for the Chicago Marathon which was only a couple months away. Since that day, Kimberly has been a wonderful friend. I am so honored to know her. She has sure changed and redefined my life. Please follow this link below and help Kimberly get this wonderful job.

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