Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Would You Pledge To My Imerman Cause?

With less than two months before I run my third consecutive Chicago Marathon, I take this time to express my excitement for how I am transforming myself into a complete runner. For the first time in a very long time, I am mixing long runs with track work. I feel myself getting faster and in better shape. I am thrilled at the opportunity to once again represent Imerman Angels at this year's marathon. I will also get to run the Chicago half Marathon and 20 Miler. I will proudly sport my Imerman top as I attempt to do my best as a member of Team Imerman. On a daily basis, cancer fighters turn to Imerman for support. IA is able to provide it through mentor angels who help guide the fighter through the specific type of cancer. Imerman matches the cancer fighter with some of the same gender, cancer type, ethnicity, and other factors. Who best to help guide than someone who has experienced the journey on which someone is about to embark. I have seen what cancer does. We all have. I have seen friends and loved ones stare death in the face and thankfully survive. I have seen friends and loved ones fight bravely only to lose said fight when way too young. I can not be a mentor as thankfully, I have not yet stared death in the face in that fashion. I can however, do my best to raise awareness for the work Imerman Angels does. I can also raise funds so that I may contribute to imerman's mission. I did so last year. I am doing so again this year. If my running a half marathon, then a 20 miler a week later, and Chicago Marathon a few weeks after that can assist even in some small part to help bring hope and comfort to one, two, or three individuals, then I can take pride in having a role in making this a better place.

I hope you will consider donating to my fundraising effort. The link can be found at the bottom of this entry. I am also considering ways where I can do something a little extra which may inspire you to donate. I can not organize a bake sale or garage sale. I can use my body to motivate you. In other words, I am considering asking people to pledge a donation amount based on my race performances. The big day is the Chicago Marathon so what if I asked you to donate based on what I do in the half marathon? For every minute by which I set my new personal best, you can pledge a certain dollar amount. If you pledge $1 for each minute and I break my PR by twenty minutes, then after the race, you can donate $20 to the Israel imerman fundraising page. Or you can pledge based on what I do each mile. For every mile I run in under eight minutes, you will given an amount. If you would be so bold, you can challenge me to break a six minute mile in order for you to donate $100. Of course, that is just an example. I do not believe I can run that fast even if for just one mile. Maybe by next year. If you wish to get creative with your pledges, I am open to potential ideas.

I have even considered doing other acts which may garner interest for potential donors. For those I would need to record them and post the videos online as proof. For example, if you wish to donate a certain amount for every pushup I can do while having a friend lay on my back. Do not worry, I would not ask a little niece or nephew to be the person. That would be too easy. I would ask any of my women friends to volunteer. In the interest of full disclosure, I have women friends who can tell you that they have in fact laid on my back when I did pushups. During my college years and beyond, I have attempted this and have been successful so I would be open to trying it for this Imerman cause. Again, I am open to ideas you may wish me to perform. I can jump rope for a certain time. It would be similar to those dance-a-thons or events where one must perform the act for a predetermined time so for each revolution of the rope, you can donate. Please feel free to reach out to me via this blog, Twitter, or Facebook with suggestions.

I am thrilled for this opportunity to raise funds for Imerman. Please support my effort by donating. You can also pass along to others who may have an interest in my cause.

I look forward to keeping you up-to-date on my progress.

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